The Weekend Soup

Mountain Biking. Snorkeling. Tent-less Camping. Pancake flip 'n catch? Yes.


The Weekend Soup is the very best of what UPCOUNTRY has to offer. Your group will explore one of San Diego’s most popular mountain bike trails filled with thrills and smiles. Some sweat too! After a well earned lunch, it’s time to hit the water to explore the underwater realms of La Jolla Cove. The lucky may sea turtles (did you miss the pun. . .?), leopard sharks, and sea lions taking curiosity in the strange things with masks and snorkels. Enjoy two nights sleeping directly under the night sky and a very wild pancake flip breakfast.

This adventure is built for the purpose of rediscovering a lost sense of awe and wonder of God’s splendor. Creation, and shared experience in it, are powerful reminders to celebrate His grandeur. Your group will be challenged and led into deeper life with Jesus through evening program times and a special solo time to finish our experience together.

From the time the UPCOUNTRY team picks your group up, until we drop you back off for the return trip home, all transportation, gear, safety instructions, food preparation, meals, snacks, drinks, sanitation supplies and community gear (bed platforms, sleeping pads, games, etc.) are included. Trip cost also includes land use permits, licenses, park fees, and reservations, along with at least three trip leaders for our adventure together. In the event of injury, illness, or mechanical gear trouble, our team has your group covered with a mobile first-aid station and spare parts.

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