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A deeper connection with Jesus through Creation and Play

We celebrate God’s goodness through the marvel and beauty of creation while we consider what is only a glimpse of His grandeur.  UPCOUNTRY specializes in hosting small group adventure experiences with a team of experts and volunteers that love God, love people, and love being outside.


Unsure of what that means? Come snorkeling with us and watch the sea lions dance; the garibaldi contrast ocean blue with their bright orange tones, or pause at the radiant yellow and purple flowers against a backdrop of a desert landscape. Listen to the laughter of the group. Witness genuine delight. It changes a person. The created world is vehicle for deeper life in Jesus. It’s at this intersection that UPCOUNTRY provides opportunity for exploration.

We have a number of options sure to meet your group’s spirit for adventure. Take a look below and see which is best. Don’t hesitate to call or email for more information.


The very best of what UPCOUNTRY has to offer. Your group will explore one of San Diego’s most popular mountain bike trails filled with thrills and smiles. Some sweat too! After a well earned lunch, we’ll hit the water to explore the underwater realms of La Jolla Cove. The lucky may sea turtles (did you miss the pun. . .?), leopard sharks, and sea lions taking curiosity in the strange things with masks and snorkels. Enjoy two nights sleeping directly under the night sky and a very wild pancake flip breakfast.

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There’s a reason San Diego is an outdoor enthusiasts destination city. Whether it’s mountain biking, snorkeling, or a hike to the county’s best kept secret. . . its seasonal waterfalls, UPCOUNTRY’s half-day trips are sure to get your group’s adrenaline pumping and faces smiling.

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Mountain Bike Rentals

For visitors to and residents of San Diego who want an alternate experience of California’s best city, UPCOUNTRY has you covered. Whether by yourself or with a group, we have capable mountain bikes that will scratch that itch to explore San Diego by trail; and getting rowdy while doing it.

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